Wirksworth is the nearest town to the farm. It’s a lovely little old market town with a variety of shops, a few restaurants and plenty of pubs.

It’s about ten minutes drive down the hill, or you can walk down in about 30 minutes.

Market day is on Tuesday, and there’s a local Farmer’s Market on the first Saturday of every month.


Wirksworth flower shop


There are about eight pubs in Wirksworth. Everyone has their own favourite, so you’ll probably find one that suits you too.

The walk back from Wirksworth is great fun when stumbling back from the pub!


Black’s Head, Market Place


Royal Oak, North End



Restaurants and cafes

The town only has a few restaurants, but there are also cafes and pubs that serve food during the day, and there is also a chip shop and a couple of takeaways.


 Le Mistral, St John’s Street

Tea Rooms, Coldwell Street


 Spencer’s Bakery, St. John’s Street


Mimmo’s, St. John’s Street




Wirksworth has a variety of shops. Wandering in and out of many small shops collecting a bag full of food is one of the pleasures of the town.

 Dip’s Place, St John’s Street

Old Bake House, St Mary’s Gate


Walkers’s Butchers, St. John’s Street


 Ken’s Supermarket, St. John’s Street

Although it doesn’t have lots of anything, it has one or two of pretty much everything.

May’s Bakery, Coldwell Street


Antique Shop, Coldwell Street

 Payne’s Chemists, St. John’s Street