New Buildings Products

The Polytunnels

New Buildings Farm is home to a horticultural enterprise selling fresh produce grown naturally, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We grow a selection of herbs, vegetables and salad crops, including spinach, coriander, parsley, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, aubergines and various types of lettuce. Whatever is in season is available to guests staying on the farm.



Cut flowers

Jo also uses the polytunnel space to grow flowers for cutting, if you want to return home with a bunch come and ask or go with Jo to pick what you like. If you are local to the area and want to come up to the farm for a bunch of seasonal flowers call or text Jo on 07720543148 to arrange a visit.



Wood Products

Using hardwood from the farm, and larch from Peat Pits we make a range of wooden products including picnic benches, log sheds, cladding and fencing material. Call or text Ned on 07812604767